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Our primary focus is Alzheimer with a novel mode of action


Acquiring novel nano technology and creations of New Molecular Entity.

Social responsibility

Several silver economy collaborations of new technologies to patients and physicians.

ReceptorPharma AB

ReceptorPharma AB is a Swedish orphan receptor drug discovery company, founded in Nov 2017, with a unique disruptive business approach and fearlessness, enabling us to walk less traveled unique paths to create the company that we want.


Our business idea is enabled by a very lean, ambitious, and motivated team with expertise and know-how within orphan receptors and early stage companies, in conjunction with global timing and quite a few dashes of serendipity. ReceptorPharma will actually have the opportunity to try to go after some of the largest crippling diseases that are plaguing the world, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Cancer.


Today, ReceptorPharma consists of two young founders: inventor of the business idea and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Stefan Broselid, Ph.D.; and serial entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zacharia Ressaissi. The Advisory Board comprises the recently recruited Andreas Anderhov, M.B.A., and 20 years of working in the pharmaceutical CNS industry, as well as within Medical Devices in several different roles.


ReceptorPharma is an innovative organization with a focus on providing therapeutic solutions helping to improve the lives of patients. Our primary focus is Alzheimer with a novel mode of action

Looking Ahead

For the future we will investigate the nano technology creations of new molecular structures and the repositioning of previous substances, as they have breakthrough technology accompanying the on re-trials leading to a road in the near future including our CRO capacity with the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund

Technology & Humans

Our commitment to innovative pharmaceutical development to better patient care is measured not only by our focus on pharmacology but collaborations in new technologies to patients and physicians, an importance we place on making an impact within the communities where we work and live


Dr. Stefan Broselid

Chief Scientific Officer and Founder

Our founder and CSO received his Ph.D. degree in Biomedicine, Molecular Pharmacology from Lund University, Sweden. His Ph.D. project was focused on the characterization of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest and most diverse group of membrane receptors in eukaryotes where he gained a lot of experience in receptor pharmacology, intracellular signaling pathways and drug discovery methodology.

Zacharia Ressaissi

Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO aim to wake up every morning knowing that what he is doing is to help make people’s lives better. He has a fearless skill and personality to never fear the unknown and always striving to be the best version of himself. He is driven by traction and execution and has a strong track record in the Start-Up industry.


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