Global Action Plan To Respond To Dementia

The cost of dementia in 2015 were estimated at 1.1% of global domestic product. This is equivalent to $818 billion, which is a cost that is expected to have risen to $2 trillion in 2030. A cost that could undermine social and economic development globally and overwhelm health and social services if nothing is done to slow down this trend of people affected by dementia.

Read the whole action plan on World Health Organization’s website.

Our very meaning of existence is to raise awareness and understanding of dementia by being a frontrunner of the future developments and engaged within the issue of dementia. Together, we can revolutionize the way we deal with dementia and help millions of people.

Approval For The MAX IV Laboratory

The MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden, is the facility with the highest quality of X-rays available to scientist in the whole world. Having MAX IV Lab as our playground will give us access to world class resources and tools to allow us to be much more precise in our work in a more efficient and quicker way.

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